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Hi, I'm Alisa Pleskova, welcome to my site! 🤗

I give this world beauty, and people emotions and good mood.

I help women look good, feel sexy and desirable, please their husbands, improve their health while saving time.

Join the practice for a beautiful figure, removing clamps and blocks in the body, and a great mood! 🧘‍♀️😉

Online course FitBody for everyone



Remote training in the direction of pole dance, development of flexibility, and fitness.

I want to train remotely 

Individual management from zero to result 💪🏻
I want an individual approach 

Advice on a healthy lifestyle and strengthening the body with natural solutions.
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Alisa Pleskova is the founder of the Israeli Academy of Pole Dance and Aerial Acrobatics.

Trainer, choreographer, author of the courses "training of coaches in the direction of Pole Dance", "Stretching for busy people", "Fit Body for everyone".

More than 15 years of teaching and coaching experience.

🥇Pole Art Italy 2021
🥇European PDC 2011
🥇The Art of Pole Champion 2012
🥇 Pole Art Israel 2015-2019
🥇Miss Bikili Israel 2013

A member of International Dance Council CID UNESCOInternational class judge, presenter of masterclasses.

Alisa Pleskova

Training courses | Stretching courses, fitness, pole dance, aerial acrobatics, health, proper nutrition, and more... Suitable for all skill levels and trainers. Pole dance Herzliya. Stretching classes in Herzliya.

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