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Poledance Lessons

Create a beautiful and flexible body by doing stretching classes with my program.

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Stretching. Level 1, Lesson 1, Exercise 1

Stretching. Level 1, Lesson 1, Exercise 1

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Our classes are suitable for any level of difficulty.


• They give excellent results

• Help to get rid of muscle cramps

• Help  to reduce stress levels

• Fill the body with energy and improves the mood

• Will provide you with a boost of vivacity for the whole day

• Increase overall muscle tone

• Prevents back pain and discomfort

• Help to form the "right habits” and improve posture


• There is feedback and chat of like-minded people

Happy Morning Classes Include:

• elements of yoga, 

• stretching,

• power elements,

• fat burning exercises,

• breathing exercises to improve blood microcirculation and reduce stress levels.


The duration of the classes is 30-50 minutes.

The entire program of this course is unique.

It is the result of many years of experience and accumulated knowledge.

Morning Coffee


Morning Coffee
Fruits and Oatmeal Breakfast

Happy Morning

(Sunday to Thursday) at 09:00

Don't put off what is essential for you!

Monthly - 360

3 lessons per week


Monthly - 250

2 lessons per week

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