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Alisa Pleskova

The founder of  Academy, athlete, model, pole dancer, artist,
author of trainer courses,
"Effective training for busy people".


How to lose 2-4 kilograms in 2 weeks without painful diets and gyms!

Free online-training with Alisa Pleskova, the champion of Israel and Europe in fitness and pole dance.


Become flexible in one month without pain and injuries with the help of a special course by Alisa Pleskova, European Pole Dance Champion.

• Learn the secrets to effective and safe stretching

• How to prevent back pain from this course

• Stretching work contributes to a better mood

• How to work on your split correctly

• How to increase the back flexibility

• Learn techniques to help avoid sports injuries

• You will learn exercises that combine different techniques to achieve faster results

Get a personal feedback throughout the course

(for those who take an advanced package)


What do you get from these classes: 
1. Energy boost for the whole day
2. Prevention of pain and discomfort in the back (especially relevant for those of us who have sedentary work)
3. General increase in muscle tone 
4. Reduce stress
5. The effect of rejuvenation due to breathing techniques and "right habits" which I will also talk about during the marathon
6. Improving flexibility 
7. Removal of muscle blocks
8. Improving posture 
9. Fat burning effect if done instead of breakfast 😉


To participate in the free online master class, you need to be subscribed to my @alisapleskova page and be sure to add to the chat using the link below 🙂

In class, you will learn:
✅How to become flexible without pain and injury
✅What are the most common mistakes in working on flexibility
✅Why is there no progress on flexibility and how to change it
✅ What can you do to improve your results in the shortest possible time

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