Stretching course

Online course (10 lessons)

Do you want

Become more feminine

Have a beautiful split

Catch admiring glances

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Do you want your workouts to be effective?

With the help of the author's course of Alisa Pleskova, the European and Israeli champion in Poledance, you will change your idea of stretching and sticking to the plan, in less than a month, you will achieve the desired result!

Get knowledge and the opportunity to improve the flexibility of your body without leaving your home!

How to stretch the split correctly.

Learn exercises that combine different techniques to achieve faster results.

You decide when and where to train.

Learn the secrets of effective and safe stretching.


Alisa Pleskova

Founder of the Israel Academy of Pole Dance and Aerial Arts

Author of the training course for professional trainers.


15 years of experience in sports and coaching.

Teacher, choreographer, and methodologist - compiler of training courses and training programs.

Over 10 years of experience in professional competition.

Winner of numerous competitions.
Among the latter are Israel Pole Art Champion 2020, Israel Exotic Pole Champion 2019, Israel Pole Doubles Champion 2018 (with Alex Ander), International Pole Art Finalist 2016, Israel Pole Sport Champion 2015, The Art of Pole Champion 2012, European Pole Champion 2011.

Become as flexible and graceful as a panther and no longer regret not having done stretching before, even if you think it's too late to start.


High-stress loads, suppressed emotions, negative thoughts, experiences, as well as eating habits and lifestyle - all this leaves an imprint on our body.

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The body records all the emotions experienced, as if on tape, and leaves muscle clamps and spasms. This leads to stagnation of energy - and thus your physical condition is directly connected with other areas of life, material, mental and spiritual.

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By freeing your body from the clamps and working to improve flexibility, you actually influence all areas of life!