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Energy Boost

Get All-Day Energy Boost

I believe that the way we start the morning can affect our whole day, our mood, the degree of concentration, and the success of everything we do. It’s hard to find quality time for yourself throughout the day.

That is why in the morning I prefer to concentrate on myself, breathe deeply, listen to my body, and fill up with energy!

Of course, you can choose a different time for this workout - according to your priorities, but I would recommend doing a morning workout before anything else that you start doing.

Breathing exercises help to saturate the body with oxygen and renew cells. This is very important for us, especially during the period of purification from toxins or on especially busy days.

In addition, breathing exercises in general, and especially the vacuum exercise, improve blood circulation in the body, improve digestion processes, and promote a cheerful mood throughout the day. Flexibility exercises affect the entire body, tone the muscles, and improve mood. It is recommended to use a yoga block and mat.

This class is suitable for all levels.

If you see that it is difficult for you to perform a specific exercise, you can change the difficulty level/use yoga blocks / skip a specific exercise. Do not chase fast results, because it takes time to create a good and safe foundation. Enjoy the process!

Training on Youtube is attached below. (Hebrew)

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