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No time for losers

«Your lessons are too difficult. This is not for me!"

- I often hear that. 😩

And it seems - well, that means a person will find a more accessible alternative for himself. But the paradox is that this is not happening! The person just doesn't train at all!!! 🤷‍♀️

As if it's nice to play the role of a weak and helpless when any training is a hell of hell and unbearable suffering ... 👿

Wake up! 🥱

A good coach will always provide modifications and lead-up exercises. And if not, find another trainer, but don't give up - this is your body, and you have to wear it for at least 95 years!

So let it be light, strong, and beautiful! 😘

If you want to make a change now, start moving! Link for the courses and training programs here.

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