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How to Share a Bed With Your Partner

Some people like to wake up early and start the day with stretching (guess who), while others have a hard time waking up after the third cup of coffee. It doesn't matter at all when you take the time to train. The main thing is that you do it! By the way, I have great news for you! I decided to lower the price on Happy_morning_with_alisa - the online stretching sessions I do every morning!

What? In the morning, you only need coffee, and there can be no question of any stretching? Especially for you, I keep all the lessons on record. So you can make them at any time convenient for you, in any place convenient for you! Sign up now, because the week is just beginning!

I wish you a cheerful and productive week!


Become flexible in one month without pain and injuries with the help of a special course by Alisa Pleskova, European Pole Dance Champion. Stretching course (10 lessons) In our course you will receive useful knowledge and the opportunity to improve the flexibility of your body without leaving your home! Learn the secrets to effective and safe stretching Learn how to prevent back pain with the exercises from this course You will feel how stretching work contributes to a better mood and well-being How to work on your split correctly How to increase the back flexibility You will learn exercises that combine different techniques to achieve faster results Learn techniques to help avoid sports injuries Stretching course.

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