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Mood and productivity

Everyone knows that a good physical form is key to an excellent mood and productivity in all areas of life.

But how to organize yourself and exercise regularly in today's reality?

Today we will speak about self-discipline and motivation for staying fit.

1) Imagine the best version of yourself. Do it daily. For me is the best motivation! I think: "If I would be the best version of myself what would I do now? Definitely - train!!!"

2) Achieve small goals before you set up a big one. Always notice the results. Even the small ones. I highly recommend to film yourself during the exercise and compare results from different pieces of training.

3) Find a partner or teach others. I recognized that when I teach people I actually learn from them a lot. I see how their body reacts to the different exercises and what difficulties they are faced. Sometimes there are the same difficulties you had and sometimes something absolutely different. If you have kids you can train with them or teach them!

4) Do homework!!! If you want to be really good at something you need to do it at least one hour a day. So don't miss the opportunity to do your homework for training!

5) Find your best productive hours - when nobody can disturb you and you are fully concentrated on what you do. For me, the best productive hours are in the early morning when everybody is sleeping yet and I can fully concentrate on myself.

6) Write a plan! When you have a written plan of what you going to do it really helps for self-discipline and train motivation! Make your plan realistic according to your schedule. I mean do not promise yourself to wake up at 5 a.m. for running every day if you stay awake till late at night. Remember that you can always change your plan and correct it according to the "reality".

7) Be constant. Even if you don't feel motivated at the moment just continue with your training routine. "Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time"- John Maxwell

8) Find the balance between "listening to your body" and self-discipline.

9) Care for your safety! You always need to do a proper warmup before you start your workout to avoid injuries!

10) Fing a good guide and motivator online! Today it is not a problem at all. I recognized that with good guidance online training may be very effective and maybe even more effective than at the studio!!! I see my students progress every day! It motivates me to continue and improve my online classes.

Wich physical activity is the best for home practice?

1) General physical training, bodyweight programs, basic calisthenics - the best for a home workout! 8/05/2020 I start the new online marathon for basic calisthenics at home. Please write me back if you want to join the program.

2) Stretching exercises. You do not need any special equipment to start your stretching practice at home. Only the yoga mat and your desire to become a better version of yourself! The new online stretching marathon will start on 08/05/2020 You can roll in with or without feedback but I highly recommend using the opportunity to have feedback. 3) Pole dance - is a really good workout for home training if you have pole at home. If you do not have a pole yet you can order one now. We are setting the new order for professional home poles till the end of the next week. Write me back if you want to join this order.

Great thanks for Vita Gin

for helping me to prepare this article for you!

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