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Staying refreshed

Get a few circumstances:

1) Go to nature. Take time to just be in nature and enjoy its beauty, harmony, and simplicity. Sometimes, for peace of mind, we just need to behold nature. Especially after a long period of self-isolation!

2) Learn to manage your own time in order to find balance in the hustle and bustle of these days. Be sure to find time for yourself. For your favorite activities, for training, for a hobby.

3) Life is motion. Regular physical activity is necessary to maintain vitality, excellent mood, and body resistance to various viruses.

4) Breathe deeper. Our breathing has a strong effect on overall well-being. Therefore, pay more attention to your breathing, especially during training. Sometimes it happens that during a stressful situation a person holds his breath without noticing it. This leads to a lack of oxygen in the cells and, as a result, chronic fatigue and poor mood. Try to avoid this.

5) Drink more water! Drinking enough clean water can cheer me up better than coffee. In addition, a sufficient amount of water has a positive effect on the condition of your skin.

6) Eat easier. Eliminate convenience foods and canned foods. Refuse confectionery, at least temporarily, and reduce the amount of animal protein in your diet. Such food requires rather high energy costs. Try to replace your usual products with more natural ones.

7) Get enough sleep. Your body needs strength for new achievements. Do not refuse him the need to gain these forces!

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